Unleash the Power of Precision with Our Hydraulic Control Butterfly Valve, Spherical Valve, and Hollow Jet Valve

Are you looking for reliable, high-performance valves that deliver top-tier control in your hydraulic systems? Look no further. Our range of Hydraulic Control Butterfly Valves, Spherical Valves, and Hollow Jet Valves are engineered to enhance efficiency, ensure safety, and maximize operational performance across various applications.

Our Hydraulic Control Butterfly Valve is a marvel of modern engineering. Designed to regulate or isolate flow, it offers unmatched control and precision in your system. What sets it apart is its unique feature of being powered by hydraulic drive and closed by the potential energy of a counterweight. This ensures smooth, consistent operation even under demanding conditions. The butterfly valve isn’t just robust—it’s versatile, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, from water management systems to heavy-duty industrial processes (source).

Next up, we have the Spherical Valve, designed for high-capacity, high-pressure applications. Its spherical design allows for excellent sealing capabilities, ensuring zero leakage and optimal efficiency. With a robust construction and superior resistance to wear and tear, our spherical valves are built to last, providing reliable, long-term performance that you can count on.

Last but not least, our Hollow Jet Valve is a game-changer for high head and large flow applications. It’s designed to handle high-pressure drops and control the flow rate effectively, reducing cavitation damage and ensuring the longevity of your hydraulic infrastructure.

All our valves come with the promise of quality, durability, and superior performance. They’re not just components—they’re solutions, tailored to meet your specific needs and challenges. So why wait? Boost your productivity, reduce maintenance costs, and take control of your hydraulic systems today.

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Electric Plunger valve

Body: HT200、HT250、QT450-10、WCB
Application: water wheel inlet control valve

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    Fixed cone valve | Hollow Jet valve

    Body: Carbon steel, cast steel, stainless steel
    Fixed cone: Carbon steel, cast steel
    Sleeve:Stainless steel
    Seat:Stainless steel+NBR
    Yolk:Carbon steel
    Driven rod:Carbon steel, stainless steel
    Gear box:Gear box
    Size: DNN100-DN2000
    Pressure: PN10,PN16,PN25 or larger
    Working position:Long submerged in water
    Actuation:Manual, electric actuator, hydraulic

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      Hydraulic Counter weight Check Valve

      Nominal diameter : DN200 ~ DN3000
      Nominal pressure : PN2.5 ~ PN40
      Medium : water, sea water , sediment water, oil
      Valve open time : 20 to 90 seconds ( adjustable)
      Fast off time : 2.5 to 20 seconds (adjustable )
      Slow closing time: 6 to 90 seconds ( adjustable)
      Fast off angle : 70 ° ± 10 °
      Slow off angle : 20 ° ± 10 °
      Full state minimum flow resistance coefficient : 0.3
      Control voltage : AC220V, DC24V
      Status signal: passive switch signal , 4 ~ 20mA

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        Hydraulic Counterweight Butterfly Valve

        SIZE: DN200~ DN4000
        PTRESSURE: PN6 / PN10 / PN16 / PN25 / PN40
        TEMP: ≤80℃
        MEDIUM: fresh water, sea water, sand water, oil etc.

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          Hydraulic hydroturbine main inlet butterfly valve

          DN: DN500 ~ DN3500
          PN: PN2.5 ~ PN40
          Full state minimum flow resistance coefficient : 0.1
          Power supply : AC220V, DC220V, DC110V, DC24V
          Medium: clean water, water with sand, sea water, oil etc. non-corrosive fluid(Medium temperature : ≤80 ℃)
          Full set of butterfly valve usually used in hydro power stations for safety purpose.

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            Hydraulic Operated Plunger Valve

            Body: Ductile Iron
            Piston Guide rail: Bronze alloy welded
            Valve sealing: EPDN, NBR
            Inner parts: Stainless steel

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              Hydraulic Power Unit

              For valve type:butterfly valve,ball vavle,shutdown, check valves

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                Hydro power ball valve spherical valve

                Size: DN200-DN2000
                Design pressures:25 bar to 100 bar
                Soft or metallic seals
                Hydraulically operated seal ring
                Double eccentric
                with maintenance seal
                Limit Switch for close and open position

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                  Quick Closing Steam Extraction Check Valve

                  Body: WCB, WC6, WC9, CF8, CF8M
                  Connection method: flange, welding
                  Size: DN100-DN600
                  Control method: pneumatic

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